Sunday, November 28, 2021



Ever thought why it wasn’t cool to marry a farmer in India when it was so everywhere else?

In Part 1, I finished with a brief hint on agri-produce logistics as it emerged in India in the post-947 era. Very briefly, it...

Raje’s silence should’ve told BJP’s critics of its distance from Rajasthan crisis

Now that Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot again are pals, just four days before the convening of the Rajasthan Assembly, its worth looking at...

There is a way out for this gas chamber called Delhi

India’s capital Delhi is gasping for breath and the fact that schools have been shut, flights diverted, construction work halted and public health emergency...

Gadkari has shown a mirror to We-the-Dodgers of traffic rules

A typical day when I hit roads in my car in the Capital. The roads themselves have three types of variations. One is in the...

North-South divide: Mr Kamal Haasan, get real

Actor Kamal Haasan has ignited the call of a South India united under Dravidian identity--a North-South divide--to dictate terms to the Central government. Among...

Murthal is one of many “fake news”: But who cares?

The kind of furore and din media created on “Murthal gangrape” during the Jat Stir in Haryana is beginning to unravel. The rape which...


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