Why India, the new breadbasket of world, is upsetting our erstwhile slave-masters

Veeresh Malik

5th February 2021
At its simplest, once you have cut through all the noise and static, it comes down to this - no other food surplus country in the world can clean and turn-around a...

Aniruddha Bahal, a life which is instructive to journalists of our times

Ashish Shukla

25th January 2021
It’s possible you haven’t heard of Aniruddha Bahal. Let’s concede a generation these days is leaping every 10 and not 30 years. That journalism is just...

Goa Liberation anniversary is a good moment to wake up to our watery history

Ashish Shukla

26th December 2020
It’s essential for an Indian to know that we were freed of colonial presence on our land only in 1961 when Goa was liberated from the Portuguese rule of 451...

India to test-fire BrahMos later this month; a show of strength in Indian Ocean

Newsbred Staff

17th November 2020
Before this month is out, the Indian armed forces would have done multiple test firings of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

India-UK emerging military agreement is a sweet revenge of history

Newsbred Staff

10th October 2020
India, a country which traditionally was wary into entering formal military arrangements with Western powers, now can’t have enough.

QUAD is ready to acquire a military dimension: China jittery

Newsbred Staff

30th September 2020
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, which we all call as QUAD, less than a month before the US presidential elections, could have military dimensions in near future and...

How Jaswant’s worldview was shaped by a Viceroy whom India reviled

Newsbred Staff

29th September 2020
India’s rise in world affairs and the role Jaswant Singh, who died on September 27, can’t be overstated.

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