Thursday, June 20, 2024



Putin orders Nuclear alert; Ukraine ready for talks in Belarus

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has put his country’s “nuclear deterrent forces” on alert even as Ukraine has agreed to hold talks with Russia on...

PFI in touch with an al-Qaeda linked Turkish group, claims a report

A European body has alleged that a Turkish jihadist group has networked with India’s Popular Front of India (PFI), presently in crosshairs with the...

Robert Vadra holidaying in Turkey, without mask, has got tongues wagging

A video of Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra spending a vacation in Istanbul has gone viral. In the video, Vadra can be...

Atal Tunnel: When prepaid media didn’t exist and tourists were not invented

Somewhere in the noise in the prepaid mainstream media has been drowned out the actual revival of an ancient trade and pilgrimage route. Now...

‘Akhand Paths’ in Shaheen Bagh: I mean how far we are from it?

Meanwhile, out there in the streets, while India was celebrating Independence Day 2020 and suffering the meltdown on their cricketing heroes, events were shaking...


Sant Kumar Sharma
Veeresh Malik