Saturday, May 28, 2022



Why India, most of Asia isn’t condemning Russia on Ukraine!

India has once again abstained from voting on the resolution to refer the Russia-Ukraine crisis to an emergency session of the United Nations Security...

Hold your breath! Biden invites Pakistan to Summit for Democracy!!!

With its own democracy staggered, United States president Joe Biden has rolled out the invitation for his first Summit for Democracy which will take...

Who saves South Asia’”or its political leaders– from Corona’s deadly grip?

South Asia is home to over 1.8 billion people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. The COVID-19 outbreak in Southeast Asia is worsening, with rising cases...

Who are these blessed people in our Coronavirus world?

Thailand hasn’t reported a new Coronavirus case for seven weeks now. Nobody has died in the Indo-China countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to...

You must doff your hat to Times of India

Today, Times of India (March 5, 2016) has three stories on its front page: Government says no to visit by US Panel:  US Commission on...


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