Saturday, July 13, 2024


Melinda Gates

After 27 years, Bill and Melinda Gates end their marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates, together in a nuptial bond for 27 years and heading one of greatest fortunes and philanthropic operations, are divorcing.  "After a...

Indian media on Isa’s visa from now on

Be ready to see from tomorrow our newspapers painted red with India’s “freedom” brigade outraged at the denial of visa to Dolkun Isa. The first...

Next: Kanhaiya of homosexuals

Let’s second guess the agenda of our English mainstream newspapers in next few weeks/months. My vote is: they would find a Kanhaiya of homosexual...

Modi pulls plug on US agenda

No words of praise could be enough for the Modi government to refuse visas—SO FAR!—to two US officials, Susan Coppedge, anti-trafficking ambassador and Randy...

How Obama inflames intolerance in India

Obama talked of "intolerance" in India while US itself is in a moral cesspool. Shouldn't he mind his own business and not refresh the...

How Melinda Gates stepped out of line

NewsBred decided to do what Indian media has been scrupulously avoiding in questioning  “Melinda Gates,” “Moody’s” and “Obama” for their comments on “horrific/growing intolerance”...


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