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Ratle power projects: Pak’s threats don’t work on us, says Sinha

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has said that Pakistan's threats to go to the World Bank or International Court of Justice (ICJ) did not deter...

New dams in Ladakh, J & K: As always be ready for Pak spoilers

The Central government has given clearance for eight hydropower projects with a total potential of producing 144 MW for the Ladakh region. In all,...

What is the way forward in Jammu and Kashmir? Where do DDCs fit in scheme of things?

What is the way forward in Jammu and Kashmir? What is the trajectory the Union Territory (UT) most likely to follow in the year...

A giant step towards 2024; A mega leap in the history of Jammu and Kashmir

The government of India has ambitions plans for harnessing the hydropower potential available in Jammu and Kashmir. Presently, 3,504 MW of electricity is generated...

Sinha flags off Ratle power project; Modi reviews another as J & K switches projects on

What stalled Ratle hydel power project earlier when Power Purchased Agreement (PPA) had been signed as early as 2010? What is it that happened...

Announced, abandoned, announced again: What’s in this J and K project?

On Thursday (October 1), most of the newspapers published from Jammu as also Srinagar carried a report on Ratle Hydro Electric Project. The headline...


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