Wednesday, December 8, 2021



Monsoon Session: Takeaways included overturning a SC judgement

The Monsoon Session of Parliament which prematurely concluded two days ago was a disgrace but when have our politicians and grace been on good...

Finding the villain in this centrepiece of tragedy: If not now, then it’s never!

We all are looking for our villains in this crisis. At least one call every day tells of some grim news.  One of my ex-colleague...

Who’s this lady in the eye of a storm, hidden in our plain view?

I hope I find an echo in you fellow citizens. Our redressal is with politicians, judiciary, bureaucracy, press and police: This is our system....

Talks in Vigyan Bhavans, Committee for whom? Those who hoisted a flag atop Red Fort?

Do you see the joke that is on you, citizens? The farmers, politicians, press, judiciary and the government lobbing the ball in each other’s court...

If you knew where did this 5 Quintal go, you would solve the riddle of outcry on farmers

My friend Veeresh Malik, who livens these pages with a life lived in real-situations, and who has lately been regaling us with his insightful...


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