Monday, December 5, 2022



Hey Joe Root, you haven’t still figured out what is knocking England out cold

This Indian team is not big in appearance, or hulk, but they get their victims much like little tsetse fly do, beginning with headaches...

This Indian team can walk on water; and yes they have three sets of teeth

It’s said angels don’t tire. For they don’t scrimp on their vigour. Thus there is no finiteness on strength. There is no fear of...

Alas, these devious Indians don’t know how to respect Englishmen

One of these days, Eoin Morgan would burst out bawling. He is not a phlegmatic sort, like Ben Stokes, and wears his tender heart...

Why Australia is so bad for limbs of cricketers: Who culls the monster?

If you could talk to your cricket heroes, like I did while earning my bread in the press box,  you would chuckle at every...

How did Melbourne happen? Why we the journos miss the wood for tree on Indian cricket

I cleaned my glasses to double read Australia’s assistant coach worrying about India’s leg-side theory.  Imagine Ajinkya Rahane being a Douglas Jardine, Bumrah a Larwood...


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