Sunday, September 25, 2022



Last thing BJP should do is to mock Rahul Gandh’s padyatra

Rahul Gandhi’s padyatra could be the puff of life for a comatose Congress party.  It could freeze G-23 dissidents; sink opposition unity if without the...

BJP: It’s time to worry about India; and not just Poor India

Next week, the talking heads of Opposition would use the Parliament session to see if they gel.  Sure, the Thackerays and Pawars; Stalins and Vijayans;...

Shekhar Gupta, let’s see how much you know about snake-oil salesman

Propaganda has a book by the same name from Edward Bernays who guided the United States into both Great Wars. It’s a Bible to...

Finding the villain in this centrepiece of tragedy: If not now, then it’s never!

We all are looking for our villains in this crisis. At least one call every day tells of some grim news.  One of my ex-colleague...

Modi was right. We were wrong. Protesting farmers are checkmated

I sense the farmers’ protest has lost its steam and this round goes to Narendra Modi, that is if there is still 2.0 waiting.  Not...

I mean what’s your problem with ‘free’ vaccine? Taking apart the charges, one by one

All hell has broken loose. For the BJP is promising free vaccination to Biharis ahead of the assembly elections. All muck-rakers usually in such...


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