If MSP alone is panacea to farmers’ ills, you have another think coming

Veeresh Malik

25th September 2020
"While the Shanta Kumar committee report had pointed out in 2015 that just six per cent of India’s farmers benefitted from MSP operations—that is,...

Just a toehold for Abdullah and others; but a fodder for hostile voices

Sant Kumar Sharma

25th August 2020
A couple of days ago, leaders of six political parties issued a statement in Srinagar reiterating their commitment to Gupkar Declaration of August 4, 2019. The initiative...

Progenies of slavers shouldn’t look for privileges—nor get ones--in new India

Veeresh Malik

6th August 2020
 Symbolic changes are extremely important to help rebuild a Nation. The ceremonies around the Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan laying are one such example by which we remind...

Why August 5, 2020 is breaking down of a symbol of slavery in India

Veeresh Malik

5th August 2020
Seaports across the world were part of the slavery trade, either outbound, or inbound. Indian seaports were no exception. Seaports across the world have built and...

Minorities: Wish Imran Khan looks at this mirror of his own

Ashish Shukla

28th December 2018
Mr Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, please don’t be a joke. You want Pakistan to be a shining light of example for India in its treatment of minorities. It must be the...

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