Wednesday, December 1, 2021



Swarajyamag, OpIndia: Who are their counterparts in world?

First, the bitter truth. You are fed lies by the mainstream media. They told you Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). They lied you about reasons...

Remind US they once wanted Iran to become a nuclear power

The United States keeps harping “on the gravest threat to world peace” if Iran is to become a nuclear state. The truth is different,...

In Australia’s crackdown, a warning to Indian media

Australia is cracking down on its media, no less than the venerable Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Police raided the ABC offices in Sydney on...

Christchurch attack: Past is casting a long shadow on present and future

Basic facts about the horrific Christchurch attack are thus in order: On Friday, a gunman strolled into a mosque on Deans Ave, and live...

Why Streep rang so hollow on Trump

Actress Meryl Streep’s withering attack on US President-elect Donald Trump in her speech at Golden Globes 2017 Awards function in California on Sunday has...

Why Express wrong to defend Amnesty

Indian Express came out in defence of Amnesty International today and launched a scathing attack against the antiquated sedition law and the action initiated...


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