Abuses: Modi doubts if media would ever highlight it

9th May 2019

9th May 2019

Modi's angst against media in Kurukshetra

Narendra Modi may have listed a few “showers of love” which Congress and its leaders have bestowed on him before and since he became the Prime Minister; and one of BJP’s MP Paresh Rawal may have compiled the 52 abuses hurled at his leader by the opponents, but the biggest takeaway in my opinion is Modi doubting if media would ever report it truthfully.

Modi asked his countrymen to viral the instances of abuses on social media. Moi was not sure if the media would have courage to tell about his “painful tale." He chillingly said that the Dynasty has done a lot of "kripa (favours)" on media.

You can view Modi’s angst by clicking the link below

Paresh Rawal’s compilation of abuses is also available on social media.

Yet, though Rawal might have burned the proverbial midnight oil in listing the abuses and the abusers, a few names are still out of his orbit.

For instance, Sanjay Nirupam this week has described Modi as someone “worse than Aurangzeb.” Former Bihar chief minister Rabri Devi has called him a “jallad (executioner).” And it was Imran Masood, another Congress leader from Saharanpur, who had declared that he would cut Modi into pieces. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Kanhaiya Lal too have been spared by oversight.

Indeed, abusing Modi seems the easiest route for people to climb up the popularity charts and acceptance in the Congress and opposition cesspool. For instance actress Vjayashanti called Modi a terrorist in a speech in March 2017. Congress president Rahul Gandhi shared the dais with her and she is an important cavalier in the army of abusers. Vilasrao Muttemwar got national coverage when he questioned Modi’s lineage. Raj Babbar compared rising rupee with the age of Modi’s mother.

Ever since Modi named former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as “Bhrashtachari No. 1”, all opposition leaders and not just Congress honchos, like Mamata Banerjee, Mayawati, Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah, Rabri Devi etc have made abusive sounds against him. Yet, none have bothered to reply the classic Modi jibe: “Those who want votes in the name of their former leaders should be ready if the track-record of those leaders are questioned.

 (The track record of Rajiv Gandhi has been laid threadbare in recent days which has had no coherent rebuttal coming from Congress and other opposition leaders. No reply on the damning indictment from Nanavati Commission that probed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and found the instructions to kill Sikhs came directly from the PM Rajiv Gandhi’s office!!!  from the Rajiv Gandhi government His wife Sonia Gandhi too has been accused of aiding his killers by social activist and part-time RBI director S. Gurumurthy in a tweet thread. )

But it’s the complicity of Lutyens Media which we must return to. Modi has been vocal in recent times in listing the acts of omission on the part of Lutyens Media. For instance he took ABP News to cleaners for not reporting the press conference of finance minister Arun Jaitley on the expose of Rahul Gandhi’s alleged financial misdeeds.

It’s raining interviews of Rahul Gandhi in Lutyens Media of late but have you ever seen any interviewer question

(a)    the Congress president on why his party’s manifesto intends to dilute sedition laws and remove Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir?

(b)   Or reports on his alleged financial irregularity?

(c)    Does Lutyens Media question him on his alleged British citizenship?

(d)   Or answer Anant Hegde’s charge that he is a Muslim?

(e)   Or seek his reaction to statements of Omar Abdullah that India needs two Prime Ministers, two presidents?

(f)     Or how could he claim to be all for women’s dignity when a star spokesperson (Priyanka Chaturvedi) leaves only because “goons” who misbehaved with her continue to have Congress party’s patronage?

(g)    Do they ever ask his opinion on Mamata Banerjee’s misrule in West Bengal?

(h)   Is he ever questioned on National Herald scam for which he and his mother had to seek bail?

(i)      Or why he thinks his father Rajiv Gandhi must not be called “Brashtachari No. 1?

There is a whole list of omissions which the biased Lutyens Media has committed to on our website. We have reported in the past on how Lutyens Media shields Rahul Gandhi on his lies and which in turn nudges him to indulge more of the same. Why go far, take today’s instance itself: How many newspapers have written edits now that Rahul Gandhi has “unconditionally apologized” to Supreme Court for his lies on Rafale reference vis-à-vis calling “Chowkidar Chor Hai”?

Increasingly one is witnessing Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming out of his shell and taking Lutyens Media head on. It’s an attempt which should have begun long ago. Lutyens Media’s role and complicity in hiding the monstrous side of the Dynasty has gone on for too long.  Not any longer, we all hope.



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