Wednesday, December 1, 2021



80% of Jammu is hills; only 20% is Kashmir Valley: Delimitation can’t be a one-pony trick

Population is one of the criteria, not the only one, used for delimiting territorial constituencies for different legislatures, be it state legislative assemblies, or...

Delimitation: How unfair it is for Kashmir to equate with Jammu on number of seats

(it is a follow-up report on the initial piece which begs your attention readers-Editor).  One word `delimitation’ that figured in PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day...

Delimitation in J & K: What PM Modi said and what you need to know if confused

(The follow-up of this report, in case you are here, must not be missed by you, readers).  In his Independence Day address, prime minister Narendra...

To a Hindu child, Kashmir Valley even in the 70s was a nightmare

It was the summer of 1973, if my memory serves me right, when my father got his transfer orders to Srinagar. My father, working...

J & K didn’t have Lok Sabha polls for two decades; not to say of rigged seats

(This is the sixth piece in the special series on Jammu and Kashmir. Here are the first four pieces I , II , III IV and V).  The Central government had...


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