Rahul Gandhi is ridiculed by Union ministers for his inane remarks on vaccination

Newsbred Staff

2nd July 2021
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who deliberately chooses to remain misinformed, made a joke of himself once again on Twitter. Gandhi took to his social media handle and...

Dr Vardhan is aghast at “shameless leaders” still doing politics on vaccination

Newsbred Staff

1st July 2021
Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan is aghast by some leaders with their “shameless urge to play politics even in the midst of a pandemic.”

Rahul Gandhi is a clown and Congress a circus, says Sambit Patra

Newsbred Staff

23rd June 2021
Sambit Patra, the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has termed Rahul Gandhi as clown and Congress party to a circus. 

Yogi govt distributes Rs 1,000 each to 23 lakh labourers of Uttar Pradesh

Newsbred Staff

11th June 2021
The government of Uttar Pradesh has transferred Rs 1,000 each to 23 lakh labourers including hawkers, vendors, and others in the unorganized sector in the state as...

So now we know what would be the new variant of anti-Modi propaganda

Ashish Shukla

11th June 2021
I had wondered aloud how the anti-Modi brigade would plan its next move after the Centre took their wind out by taking over the vaccination drive in the country.  ...

The adroit Yogi has got the monkey off his back: But wolves are still circling

Newsbred Staff

9th June 2021
It seems Yogi Adityanath and his State Uttar Pradesh is alone in this battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. A state with a population of 23 crores, showed up only 14k...

India has done most vaccination after US, says Dr Harsh Vardhan

Newsbred Staff

8th June 2021
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Monday informed that India is the second quickest country to vaccinate 23 crore people in 141 days just after the United States...

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