China grows cold on Pope as the latter mentions Uighurs in his book

Newsbred Staff

26th November 2020
China has termed a comment made by Pope Francis that Uighurs were a "persecuted" community as "groundless". The Pope has made the comment regarding the ethnic minority...

Would Biden stand up for Taiwan against China like Donald Trump has done?

Bhumika Arora

26th November 2020
When Joe Biden steps into the White House, be allies or foes, everyone would be expecting a dramatic reversal in the approach of the United States, including on issues...

Secret visit by US Indo-Pacific Command intel officer to Taiwan soars temperature

Newsbred Staff

23rd November 2020
It isn’t as if high-level US officials have never visited Taiwan before. There are instances of Keith Krach (US under-secretary of state) and Alex Azar (health...

Beijing military expert marvels at India’s retaliatory attack on Pakistan

Sanjay K. Sharma

20th November 2020
A Beijing expert has hailed Indian army’s retaliatory attack which killed 6-8 Pakistani soldiers after the enemy nation had indiscriminately lobbed grenades and...

As prepaid media doubles down on RCEP, they of course won’t listen to Jaishankar

Ashish Shukla

18th November 2020
I have long been suspicious of edits which are passionately pushed in the best of English. Much like that bank clerk who is pushing a scheme when you enter the branch....

Kinmen Island of Taiwan is vulnerable to Beijing and could be major flashpoint

Deepika Anjna

30th October 2020
Even though the authoritarian leaders of Beijing keep intimidating Democratic Taiwan and the tank traps on Kinmen Island's beaches is proof of that, it has learned to...

China rattled by US support for India; calls “third party” to keep out

Newsbred Staff

28th October 2020
China looked suitably rattled after it took exception to secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s remark that the United State would defend India’s...

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