Why Indian media isn’t concerned about Indian interests? Unlike Khaleej or Straits Times?

Veeresh Malik

20th October 2020
I have been guilty of leave without absence, multiple reasons, one of them being an attempt to complete a long-form article on the actual true ownership of India's...

After Ram, its’ petition to reclaim Krishna Janmabhoomi filed in Mathura

Deepika Anjna

26th September 2020
To seek the ownership of Krishna Janmabhoomi's land of 13.37 acres in Mathura and elimination of Shahi Idgah Masjid, a Mathura court has received a civil suit.

Why our mainstream media is against Farm reforms? Blame it to their links to Kolkata

Veeresh Malik

22th September 2020
Why is your mainstream media so strongly against the Farm Bill 2020 in India, a friend who is also into agriculture abroad asked me, what can be so wrong about freedom of...

“Champu Sena” is how Kangana calls sycophants who do “Pappu’s” bidding

Newsbred Staff

21th September 2020
The lie-factory which works overtime to distort the narrative has been given a new name by the irrepressible Kangana Ranaut—she calls them “Champu...

Only one in three patients in Delhi has antibodies for Covid-19: Sero Survey

Deepika Anjna

17th September 2020
As per the latest Sero Survey results, one in three people in Delhi has antibodies for Covid-19 which forms approximately 33% of total Delhi's population.

Facebook saga: Congress is black and blue as BJP unleashes a flurry of punches

Newsbred Staff

20th August 2020
Facebook is in news for “helping out” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India. The latter, on the other hand, is citing instances where Facebook is seen to be...

Who, what and how is Indian Express? A world beyond Ramnath Goenka

Veeresh Malik

11th August 2020
Jimmy Lai's arrest in Hong Kong is an attack on free speech if you read the Anglo-Saxon media. 

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