Centre to Supreme Court: States must not permit Kanwar Yatra this year due to Covid-19

Newsbred Staff

16th July 2021
The Centre has informed the Supreme Court that the States must not permit Kanwar Yatra to Haridwar in Uttarakhand. 

North Bengal as Union Territory now! Or Modi won’t be wise to his or India’s interests

Ashish Shukla

2nd July 2021
Bengal is a worry. It has a chief minister who appears unhinged from federal, constitutional or judicial obligations. Centre seems forever weighing its options; judiciary...

India’s democracy and its people are not on good terms: Why we are doomed

Ashish Shukla

27th June 2021
India’s democracy and its people are as much on good terms as a whale is with a large schooling fish moving in unison. Both inhabit water without the same kind of...

Kejri asked for Centre’s help on Covid-19 only on April 18 this year!

Newsbred Staff

25th June 2021
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who had several times allegedly taken credit for Central schemes, had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi only on April 18 this...

Bharat Biotech to submit Covaxin phase-3 trial data to WHO by June 23

Newsbred Staff

17th June 2021
India's indigenous Covid vaccine Covaxin has submitted its phase-3 clinical trial data to World Health Organization (WHO) for its authorization.  According to a...

Justice Chandrachud and others, IMHO, have taken a myopic view on vaccination

Ashish Shukla

3rd June 2021
The Supreme Court, Justice DK Chandrachud and others, have placed the muck on Centre’s door on vaccination. The only thing they haven’t asked the Centre to...

This same Hemant Soren was promising free vaccines a month back: Now he wants Centre to pay

Newsbred Staff

1st June 2021
A month ago Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren was promising free vaccination in his State. Now he is harping on that Centre should pay for the vaccination. (Is it any...

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