Centre-Farmers unions meeting: Deadlock again, next round on November 9

Newsbred Staff

5th December 2020
Another round of meeting another deadlock and now the representatives of the Centre and the farmers would meet again on Wednesday.

Gambhir slams Kejriwal for refusing Covid centre provided by him

Newsbred Staff

21st November 2020
BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has criticised the Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal for returning an isolation centre with 50 beds to his foundation. Gautam Gambhir...

After Punjab, now Rajasthan negates Centre’s farm laws, passes own bills

Newsbred Staff

31st October 2020
After Punjab, it’s Rajasthan government which has negated the farm laws recently passed by the Centre but introducing its own three bills in the state assembly...

Punjab introduces 3 bills in state assembly to counter Centre’s farm laws

Deepika Anjna

20th October 2020
To counter the central government's recent farm laws, the Punjab government introduced three bills of its own in the state assembly on Tuesday.

If India Burns: This murder is a clue but we all can’t hear the footsteps of doom

Ashish Shukla

20th October 2020
You must not have heard of Samuel Paty. Well, he was the 47-year-old high school teacher who was beheaded in Paris for showing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in...

Sorry Bollywood; All you have done is to let Courts examine the can of your own worms

Ashish Shukla

13th October 2020
Readers, I promise you this piece won’t be insinuating. Facts and logic alone would be my guide. As it would be for our honourable Lordships who won’t be...

Andhra is in the midst of a silent revolution which needs our attention

Ashish Shukla

13th September 2020
These are times of counting losses. Growth is stunted; consumption has withered; the rulers and the ruled at the two sides of divide are adrift. In our federal country,...

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