Saturday, December 4, 2021



After UAE, now France makes a public spectacle of Imran’s Pakistan

France has refused to provide the technical know-how needed for upgradation of Mirage fighter jets in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). It has also refused...

Anti-Macron protests in India could turn ugly: Indian state must be on high alert

France is in turmoil after what its president Emmanuel Macron termed as “Islamist attack”. First a school teacher was beheaded for showing cartoon of...

Saudi Arabia supports Macron on his comments on radical Islam

While most of the Islamic nations are showing their outrage on France President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on radical Islam, Saudi Arabia has backed France...

Delusional Pakistan wants to head Islamic Ummah — as a puppet of China of course

Sniffing a wedge in the Muslim world, after the US brokered peace deal between Israel and UAE, the Pakistani Prime Minister played his card...

New US farce in Ankara today is the latest from the West

Two Mikes from the United States, Mike Pence (vice-president) and Mike Pompeo (secretary of state), would be in Ankara on Thursday which is the...

Assad breaks his silence: A must read

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Turkey downed a Russian jet over Syria because Moscow has turned the tide against foreign-sponsored militants in the Arab country. The downing of...


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