Saudi men can not marry Pak women now: Newspapers

Newsbred Staff

20th March 2021
Saudi Arabia has prohibited its men from marrying women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar, Pak newspaper Dawn reported citing a report in Saudi media.

Soros’ OSF has its bank accounts seized by Myanmar junta

Newsbred Staff

17th March 2021
Myanmar might have lost many friends after its military junta took over the reins of the country but at least one count they would earn plaudits: They have seized the...

Some cheek! Illegal Rohingyas are protesting at detention in Jammu!

Sant Kumar Sharma

8th March 2021
Something unique and peculiar is happening in Jammu right now as Rohingyas staying here illegally are protesting against detention of others from the same community who...

India beating China in Vaccine Diplomacy is one side; there is another one to the story

Bhumika Arora

27th February 2021
Under prime minister Narendra Modi, a remarkable India isn’t mired in the Covid-19 crisis which, let’s admit, is far from over. Instead, it’s engaging...

Thank You India: “I trust Bible but didn’t imagine my prayers would be answered so soon”

Newsbred Staff

12th February 2021
“Goosebumps”, is how entrepreneur Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group, described in reaction to Dominican prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s...

Bhutan is losing its ancient forests: Blame it on Assam’s timber mafia

Bhumika Arora

30th January 2021
The ancient forests in Bhutan are disappearing fast, with the timber mafia in cahoots with corrupt foresters cutting down innumerable trees.

India in “vaccination diplomacy” with neighbours: Pak missing

Sant Kumar Sharma

18th January 2021
India has a fully-mapped “vaccination diplomacy” in place for its neighbours but as one would expect, Pakistan will not be a recipient of this largesse. ...

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