With friends like Indian Express, Kerala’s cause is gutted, not helped

Ashish Shukla

29th July 2021
Indian Express has a three-column front page story today: “Only 44% of Kerala’s population is infected, 79% in MP: Serosurvey”. My first reaction was...

Even in times of Covid-19, Opposition isn’t willing to let Parliament function

Newsbred Staff

19th July 2021
The predicted spectacle of Opposition disrupting the proceedings of the Parliament was witnessed on the first day of Monsoon Session which led to the prime minister...

Indo-Pacific region is new economic centre of global gravity: Piyush Goyal

Newsbred Staff

8th July 2021
Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal invited the business community in the Indo-Pacific region to actively participate in bolstering development, trade, and...

What next from anti-Modi brigade? They won't squander a propaganda built over months

Ashish Shukla

8th June 2021
Oxygen over. Vaccination over. What next from anti-Modi forces such as Opposition and newspapers like Indian Express? Now that Modi swept the floor on Monday,...

Vulture journalism of Western media is reserved for distant lands


15th May 2021
When reporting on any mass tragedy, a basic rule of journalism is to be sensitive to the victims and those who are grieving. Western media, which double as the...

Dead have no takers in the Times of Covid: To our eternal shame

Hemant Sharma

11th May 2021
These days when somebody dies, the neighbourhood shuts its doors. The face you saw every other day, who would press your bell for a morning walk, or greet from balcony at...

Covid-19 patient could infect beyond six-feet distance, says US body

Newsbred Staff

9th May 2021
The principle carrier of Covid-19 is through very fine aerosolised particles released during respiration, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has...

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