Three Indians who are being sought for extradition—but not by India!

Shantanu Guha Ray

13th June 2021
The noose may be tightening around the India-born Gupta brothers, who are wanted in South Africa in connection with alleged embezzlement, money laundering and corruption...

So now we know what would be the new variant of anti-Modi propaganda

Ashish Shukla

11th June 2021
I had wondered aloud how the anti-Modi brigade would plan its next move after the Centre took their wind out by taking over the vaccination drive in the country.  ...

Floating bodies: Now know the Lutyens Media’s agenda against Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh

Ashish Shukla

26th May 2021
In my humble opinion, four newspapers constitute the core of Lutyens Media: Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu. The digital spillover could be...

They want to inflict a million cuts on Modi, Yogi: But lies don’t go far

Ashish Shukla

21st May 2021
Mamata Banerjee on Thursday spewing venom on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for treating the chief ministers as “puppets” isn’t an isolated incident....

In looking to float an Indian-BBC, Modi could have his finest hour yet

Ashish Shukla

20th May 2021
It would appear that the Modi government has realized that the crisis in journalism is crisis for Indian democracy. Thus they have plans for international...

“Congress toolkit”: Destroy Modi’s image; blame Kumbh as “super-spreader”; term it “Modi Strain”

Newsbred Staff

18th May 2021
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has claimed to be in possession of a “Congress toolkit” where the thrust is to use the Coronavirus pandemic and...

Kumbh, Rallies, Central Vista, Infra, Pricing etc: Answers to all you wanted to ask the Modi govt. and couldn’t

Bhumika Arora

13th May 2021
Untrue news stories, unverified information and conspiracy theories, and cherry-picking facts for their motive amid the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus have made...

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